The facts you need to know about the Epic Games Store

The facts you need to know about the Epic Games Store

The facts you need to know about the Epic Games Store

Epic Games is still on everyone’s lips. The veteran studio, considering the fact that it determined to release its own launcher extra than 1 yr ago, has garnered high-quality fulfillment from players way to the utility of positive procedures that have usually benefited sure builders within the virtual market, however which on events it has now not been exempt from various controversies. Learn the most crucial info to preserve in thoughts approximately the Epic Games Store.

The facts you need to know about the Epic Games Store

The facts you need to know about the Epic Games Store

– The colossal high of Epic Games
The owners of the most popular graphics engine in the industry have posted an excessive growth seeing that the sale of the IP of Gears Of War to Microsoft, during the premiere of the BR of Fortnite and with the competition to Steam via the Epic Games Store

– It’s opening within the
Epic Games Store scene was released on December 6, 2018, with strong proposals to offer within the digital video game market.

– The essential oxygen for builders
The distribution of benefits for sales obtained within the store favors developers: third parties will receive 88% for the sale of their video games, so Epic Games will only get a little extra than 10% of such sales.

– The amazing free video games
So far, Epic Games has given away greater than 100 video games including authentic heavyweights like GTA V, the Batman Arkham Knight trilogy, or AC: Syndicate, no longer to mention indie jewelry like Celeste, Limbo, SOMA or Subnautica.

– Its remarkable figures
In its first 12 months, the store reached 108 million users, through which $ 680 million have been generated, with $ 251 million coming from Third Partys

– It’s (even greater) large figures
Not counting this yr, free video games have a total cost of close to $ 1,500. And without GTA V, the number of video games claimed has exceeded 200 million

– The most popular video games
Currently, among the most popular EGS titles (beyond Fortnite) we can find third-party video games such as RDR2, SW Jedi Fallen Order, The Division 2 or Control, even having video games from companies that have their own Launchers.

– The inevitable riots
Although we are talking about a store with little time on the market, it has not been without controversy: The purchases of exclusive video game games that have had to be removed from other stores, coupled with the diverse deficiencies of the launcher in terms of tools and possibilities have caused loud stumbles among the players.

The data you want to know approximately the Epic Games Store

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