Madden NFL 21

Electronic Arts Extend Deadline to Update Madden NFL 21 to Xbox Series X

Electronic Arts Extend Deadline to Update Madden NFL 21 to Xbox Series X

Electronic Arts determined to change approach with its upgrade program to the new generation. Extends the term from Madden NFL 21 to Madden NFL 22.
EA Sports extends the closing date for gamers of Madden 21 on Xbox One can replace your copy Xbox X Series. Despite the reality that to start with there had been restrictions, the company has decided to increase the time frame until the following season, that is, until Madden 22 reaches the market.

Madden NFL 21


Electronic Arts desired to take the gain of updates to the new era from a different technique to the Smart Delivery software. Announced during the last Inside Xbox, players were entreated to observe very precise closing dates. They have been required to buy their copy of Xbox One with the aid of December 31, 2020, and leap to Xbox Series X no later than March 31 of the subsequent year.

Madden NFL 21

“During the recent assertion on Inside Xbox, we covered some deadlines for the Dual Entitlement application,” the business enterprise says in a statement via its legit website. “After being attentive to remarks from our gamers, we have prolonged the offering at some point in the Madden 21 season till the discharge of Madden NFL 22. In this way, players could be able to replace Madden NFL 21 on Xbox Series X at any time inside that period ”, they conclude.

EA Play Live 2020, new date
The international has no longer remained oblivious to the present-day situation inside the United States. The video game enterprise doesn’t either. Therefore, the majority of the events positioned during the first half of June were postponed to offer a voice to the Black Lives Matter collective . Electronic Arts has been one of the strongest companies on this regard, and after announcing the modifications it’s going to make in its online communities, showed the postponement of EA Play Live.

The presentation, usually held during E3, moves its date to June 18 at 4pm PDT, which in Spain translates to June 19 at 1:00 a.m. , Peninsular time.

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Electronic Arts Extend Deadline to Update Madden NFL 21 to Xbox Series X
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