Remedy constructing a “Connected Universe” of games, next entry already in production

Remedy Entertainment, the author of hit titles, for example, Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Control are constructing an “Associated Universe” of video games, something the studio has been chipping away at for over 10 years.

“For extra than 10 years, we’ve had an insane dream. The opportunity that the testimonies instructed in a part of our video games might be related to one some other, and related universe of testimonies and events with shared characters and legend,” stated Remedy ingenious leader Sam Lake. “Each recreation is an unbiased encounter, but every recreation is moreover an entryway into a larger universe with energizing open doorways for hybrid events.”

Control and Alan Wake are presently affirmed to be in a comparable universe, with the previous’ up and coming AWE extension set to reintroduce the closing’s misplaced creator to at lengthy closing continue together along with his storyline. Tragically, it doesn’t appear as though Remedy’s Quantum Break, the Microsoft level restrictive time-visiting title, is a bit of this universe.

Lake clarified that the Federal Bureau of Control has been exploring the events Alan Wake skilled in Bright Falls. In the improvement, Control gamers will look into the constant profundities of the Investigation Sector to expose its mysteries.

The employer likewise affirmed that it’s miles constructing up some other recreation set on this Remedy Connected Universe. Albeit no extra subtleties had been shared with recognition to this secretive venture, this has to be one of the titles that Epic Games is related to distributing.

The AWE improvement for Control is handing over on August 27 throughout PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, displaying up exactly 12 months after the recreation’s dispatch. For the people who are intrigued, Remedy could be streaming the preliminary 15 mins of the extension on August thirteen at 9 AM PDT on its Twitch channel.

Remedy constructing a “Connected Universe” of games, next entry already in production
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